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Wednesday 29th of June was a really lovely day with our year 11 students. We started early with the leavers assembly – students looked smart and excited, grabbed their leavers books and started signing shirts.

Our final assembly was filled with celebrations and successes, we were all delighted to be entertained by Caleb Beer’s outstanding¬† performance – for which he got a well-deserved standing ovation! congratulations to the bronze Duke of Edinburgh winners, students had voted in some year group nominations for awards and so we had a number of winners with highlights such as class joker, most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket, funniest laugh, most likely to take over the world and so many more!¬† Students cheered and supported one another and many of the staff who attended commented on how lovely the Year group is.

At 7pm we arrived at the Prom, our students looked absolutely amazing and really threw themselves into the celebrations. Everyone behaved impeccably and we were all incredibly proud of the way that they conducted themselves.

This year’s Prom king and queen were Caleb Beer and Bronya Overington as chosen by the year group.

We are so very proud of our Year 11’s and wish them much happiness, success and fulfilments in their future journeys and look forward to seeing those attending sixth form on the 2nd of September.