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Sixth Form Reading Lists

Independent research is an integral skill that students will need to develop in order to be successful in their A Levels and in further education. At Roding Valley, we support our students in developing their research skills through our academic reading lists and subscription to the online academic library, JSTOR.

Our academic reading lists are available for every subject taught at A Level and give students the guidance they may need for further reading and research. In addition to books and journal articles, students will also be able to find recommendations for documentaries, exhibitions and pod casts to inform their learning. As students progress through their A Levels, they will be able to reference the course reading lists to develop their understanding of each new topic/module beyond the classroom.

JSTOR is an online academic library with thousands of sources; from primary sources such as pamphlets from the 1800’s to modern critical essays, there is a wealth of knowledge at students’ fingertips and this valuable resource can be used anywhere- and for all subjects. At the start of the course, students will be allocated with a log in and this is all they need to get started on their online research journey. 

Please find below our transition materials to support students move from GCSE to A levels. Within these booklets you will find academic reading lists where appropriate to the subject. 

You can find subject specific reading lists on our main reading lists page by clicking here.

Our Year 12 transition booklets. Click on the relevant link below to view/download.