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Sixth Form Exams/Assessment

For Information on the awarding of A Level Exam grades 2020, please click on this link.

The transition from GCSE to A Level is a significant one and we aim to support students with this by offering opportunities for regular assessment with timely feedback which will be shared with students and parents. Students will begin in Year 12 and will undergo some supportive assessments in the Autumn and Spring Term to get them working towards the A Level skills required to be successful in their new qualification. These assessments will be taken in class and will offer formative feedback so students can reflect and improve their skills before taking more formal Pre-Public Examination.

At the end of Year 12 students will sit Progression PPEs which will act as a summative assessment of their years learning. These important examinations will also be used to predict final grades for university applications.

As students enter Year 13 we offer two further opportunities to sit PPEs before their final exams in May. This ensures that students are best prepared to excel in their formal external exams.