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Severe Weather Protocol

As in previous years we will only close under exceptional circumstances but may follow an alternative day as detailed below:

  • Staff will attend school as normal, and where this is not possible, they must arrive before 9:15am, weather permitting.
  • School will follow the revised school day, as detailed below:

  • Students should leave for school having consumed a substantial breakfast.
  • The early finish allows for students to travel home slowly and safely, and in full light; this also provides an opportunity for the Site Team to make the school ready for the next day (potentially, before things ice/frost over etc.)
  • Where appropriate, staff will be allowed to leave at 2.30pm to ensure they travel home safely in daylight.
  • Students will be able to purchase food during lunch, those who are entitled to a free meal will be able to access their allowance at this time.
  • Parents and Staff will receive a text message if the school will be following an alternative day and an announcement will be posted on the school’s website. If you do not receive a text then it will be a normal day.