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School Lunches

We are very proud of our catering staff and the fantastic lunches they provide for the students and staff at break time and lunchtime.
We are proud to be a nut free school.
See our menu options below.
Main Meals

The catering team work on a three week menu cycle which includes:

  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Sweet & Sour Noodles
  • Battered Fish
  • Roast Dinner
  • Chicken Fajitas

All meals made on the premises for £1.75

Additional items available
  • Panini  |  £1.70
  • Sandwiches |  £1.50 (made and packaged on the premises)
  • French bread pizza – (made and packaged on the premises)
  • Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Various Desserts made lovingly by one member of the catering team.

Baguette Bar
All baguettes are bought in part baked and finished on the premises.

  • Students can then fill with a choice of
  • chicken
  • bacon (all cooked on the premises)
  • cheese
  • ham
  • Salad and sauce can also be added free of charge.

Some of the favourite concoctions are:

  • Chicken & bacon Mayo and BBQ sauce
  • Bacon lettuce & mayonnaise
  • Cheese, onion & salad cream

All for just £1.75 per filling

Pasta Bar

All sauces are homemade from scratch by our amazing in-house catering staff. There is always a choice of tomato, bacon and tomato, chicken and tomato. Although many students still prefer plain pasta and cheese!!!

Pasta & Sauce |  £1.75

Bottled Water
You will be delighted to note that students can purchase bottled water from as little as:

330ml bottle  |  £0.25

500ml bottle |  £0.50

Catering Menu

You can view our 3 week rolling catering menu below