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Revision Resources


At Roding Valley High School, we encourage all of our students to find the best revision technique for them. We stand by our main ‘Tried & Tested techniques: Buzan mind mapping, Cornell note taking, cue cards, Knowledge Organisers, The Revision Clock. Tell me Five, Flip & Fold and the use of Seneca (an online app). Our students are encouraged to use these techniques before internal assessments, so that they are equipped with the tools to be successful at GCSE, A-level and beyond. Please click the link below to see our revision techniques explained:

We also promote the use of ‘Personalised learning checklists’- this is a topic/course checklist of all of the vital content needed to be successful for each subject area. Students can then use these checklists to carry out effective revision.

You can find all our PLCs

by clicking here.


Revision microsites​:


The different subject areas have shared some fantastic revision resources and tips below.

You can find exam board information for our courses on our exams and assessment page

You can also read how you can support your child by visiting the dedicated page here.


At RVHS, we hold Revision workshops to help prepare our students for upcoming exams- please take a look at the slides that were from the year 9 session delivered on Friday 22nd November.
You can find a copy of the interleaving timetable here.