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Reading & Writing

Reading and Extended Writing

Extended writing and reading form a key part of daily life for our students at Roding Valley High School. As we value high-level reading and writing skills; our students participate in initiatives at a whole school level to build writing stamina and encourage a passion for literacy. At key stage 3 level, students participate in a daily twenty minutes ‘Drop Everything And Read’ session. Students access reading materials from our class collections across the school as well as the school library. We encourage our students to vary their reading materials and broaden their reading experience by reading from as many genres as possible. Their reading is monitored by the form tutor as well as the English department.  Alongside this, students participate in a weekly ‘Drop Everything And Write’ session, whereby students build writing stamina through a  20 minutes writing session linked to the themes of our cross-curricular ‘Character and Culture’ programme. This builds confidence in extended writing, strengthening the resilience needed to be successful at KS4, KS5 and beyond.


Our Literacy Strategy at Roding Valley High School

‘Bedrock Literacy tool’

At RVHS, all of our students use ‘Bedrock’; an online, interactive literacy tool that builds our students’ understanding of Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary. Bedrock allows students to expand their vocabulary and become confident in using it across the curriculum. Please click on the links below for more parental support with Bedrock: