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“Thank You to your SEN team who have offered such amazing support to me and my children. They are kind and understanding, offering time and advice whenever I have needed it.”

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Ethos

We take a whole school inclusive approach to students with special educational needs, and firmly believe that every student has the right to a broad and balanced curriculum, recognising the aims of the school are the same for all students regardless of their academic abilities.

Our experienced and caring team of Learning Support Assistants strike the correct balance between support and independent learning for our students with SEND. The support is flexible and tailored to meet an individual student’s needs. A wide range of strategies are used to enable these students achieve their full potential.

Identifying Children’s Additional Needs

How will the school know if my child needs additional help and how will the school share information with me?

The school uses end of KS2 results from primary schools, as well as a range of other assessments (e.g. numeracy, reading and spelling), to identify any student who may require additional support. The Learning Support Department ensures that teachers are aware of these needs, offering advice and strategies which will enable the students to have full access to the curriculum.  We have a database of pupils with Education and Healthcare plans that details the student’s individual needs and practical strategies on how best to support these needs to ensure specified outcomes are achieved.

Throughout their journey at Roding Valley, staff will raise any concerns they may have about a pupil to the SENDCO. These concerns are assessed and the correct course of action taken to ensure appropriate provision for the pupil is put in place so that they can access the curriculum to make expected levels of  progress.

Parental help sheets based on SEND need


Contacts at the school | Who should I contact at the school?

Ms Laura Tarantini-Amor is our SENDCO and supports the SEND Learning Support Department and can also be contacted with any queries.

Useful Strategies for Support Within the Classroom