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GCSE Exam Results 2021

Our Year 11’s were on course to achieve a set of grades that would have been the best ever and demonstrated improvements from the results in 2019 and 2020 that were the best to date. However, using the evidence base identified, we were very happy with the grades that we put in and had the evidence to support it. We had a very robust process through marking, moderation (internal and external) and quality assurance







The results have shown continued improvement over the last 4 years and this is through the strategies that have been implemented. In the Core Subjects, the results were above the National Average for all subjects:

Breaking down the Progress 8 measure into the different components, the progress of students has continued to increase from 2019:

The measures for males and females are broadly the same, which means that any gap that was evident in previous years has closed.


There weren’t any EHCP students in Year 11 last year, however the outcomes of students with an EHCP in the current Year 11 are expected to be of the same level.

The outcomes for students who have English as an Additional Language (EAL) has seen improved outcomes over the last year. As our cohort has grown, additional strategies have been put in place

Subject Level Outcomes
Headline Subject figures
  • 131 Grade 9’s (19 Biology, 17 Chemistry, 16 Physics, 12 English, 10 Sociology, 8 Maths)
  • 330 Grade 8/9
  • 583 Grade 7 and above
  • 15 Distinctions and above

The final column in the table above (Subject Progress Index) shows that in many subjects, students are making more progress than other students with the same starting point. The vast majority of subjects are positive. Geography and Business Studies are a focus for the coming year and we are conducting Subject Reviews in these areas.

There were 41 students who were classed as disadvantaged:

  • 65.9% achieved 4+ Eng and Maths (+3.7% from 2020)
  • 41.5% achieved 5 + Eng and Maths (+6.4% from 2020)
  • Progress 8: 0.01 (which is in line with the expected progress for all students)

The headline measure of the percentage of grades A*-B, has shown significant improvement over the last 4 years and the class of 2021 were the students in 2019 who achieved the best GCSE results to that date. The students achieved the grades expected of them, but there was also value-added. This is highlighted in the ALPS 1 grade, as this puts us as one of the best providers in the country.


The vocational courses, that were a focus for us in the last year, have seen significant improvement and are now on a par with the other subjects. Geography was the only blue subject and this is part of the Subject Area Review.

Subject Level Results

The subjects highlighted yellow are vocational subjects BTEC/CTEC but have been included in one table and their grades converted to the equivalent A*-E, to give an overall comparison.

Year 13 Stories and Destinations
  • Florence N A*A*A*A* – Politics at University of Exeter
  • Saskia C A*A*A*A* – Economics & Finance at University of Manchester
  • Sarah B A*A*A*A – Environmental Geography at University of York
  • Billy R A*A*A* – Physics at Imperial College London
  • Ruby MA*A*A* – Psychology at University of Exeter
  • Eren T A*A*A* – Veterinary Medicine and Science at University of Surrey
  • Leighton B A*A*A* – Cyber Security at University of West London
  • Patsy S – A*A*A* aspiring to study Art at a top university in the future
  • Rosie S – A*A*A* – Marine Biology at Newcastle University
  • James R – D*D*A – Football Business and Marketing at UCFB
  • Hannah G – A*A*AA BioMedical Sciences at University of Manchester
  • Livvy T – A*A*AA – exploring opportunities
  • Phoebe B – A*A*AB – Psychology at Queen Mary, University of London
  • Keilan L – A*AA – Physics at University of Leeds
  • Berfin B – A*AAB – Mathematics at King’s College London, University of London
  • Beth K – D*AA – English at University of York
  • Ella M – A*AA – Sponsored Degree with Sales Force, Tech Solutions Consultant
  • Nick N – AAB and Ellie Blundy ABB – Degree Apprenticeships with Hill

All students worked incredibly hard and deserved their success. I would like to stress how pleasing the performance of our students is and I would like to thank the staff whose expertise and tireless support of the students have helped us achieve these results.

Rob Mammen – Senior Deputy Headteacher,

On behalf of the Progress Team





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