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It was a great day for our sixth form, our TAGS were not altered in any way and stood as testament to the robust and rigorous process that we went through. The students were delighted with their results and expressed gratitude to the school for the excellent support that they have received. We will not be publishing the school’s headline figures as agreed both locally and nationally, this due to the fact that there will be no published performance tables this year and comparisons between schools may not be appropriate. However, just for your internal interest and celebration, our A*- A grades were 45%, A*- B were 76.8%, A*-C were 92.4%. Our vocational courses achieved at similar levels. Well done everyone !!!

We are incredibly proud of all of our Year 13 students. They should all be incredibly proud of their achievements in their A levels and vocational qualifications this summer.The resilience and work ethic that they have shown has been quite outstanding. The school is delighted to report some particularly outstanding performances by its students:

  • Florence New A*A*A*A* – Politics at University of Exeter
  • Saskia Cushings – A*A*A*A* – Economics & Finance at University of Manchester
  • Sarah Bagshaw – A*A*A*A – Environmental Geography at University of York
  • Billy Roberts A*A*A* – Physics at Imperial College London
  • Ruby Moody A*A*A* – Psychology at University of Exeter
  • Eren Tyler A*A*A* – Veterinary Medicine and Science at University of Surrey
  • Leighton Brooks A*A*A* – Cyber Security at University of West London
  • Patsy Stow A*A*A* aspiring to study Art at a top university in the future
  • Rosie Stone – A*A*A* – Marine Biology at Newcastle University
  • James Rose D*D*A – Football Business and MArketing at UCFB
  • Hannah Green – A*A*AA BioMedical Sciences at University of Manchester
  • Livvy Turnball – A*A*AA – exploring opportunities
  • Phoebe Belton A*A*AB – Psychology at Queen Mary, University of London
  • Keilan Long A*AA – Physics at University of Leeds
  • Berfin Belut A*AAB – Mathematics at King’s College London, University of London
  • Beth Kelly D*AA – English at University of York
  • Ella Margetts A*AA – Sponsored Degree with Sales Force, Tech Solutions Consultant
  • Nick Norman AAB and Ellie Blundy ABB – Degree Apprenticeships with Hill

This year, following the cancellation of exams, grades were awarded through a process of teacher assessed grades, against a national standard and approved and awarded by the exam boards. The government is not publishing performance data for any schools or colleges this year due to the varying impact of the pandemic.

Sharon Jenner, Headteacher said: “We are immensely proud of all the work and achievements of all of our students, especially after such a difficult and disrupted year. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure students are all able to progress onto further education or enter the world of work, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future. Our supportive sixth form is now oversubscribed and outstanding achievement at the highest level is embedded in our practice.”

To view further photos from our A Level Result Day, please use this link